Still marching 50 years later

How far have we come in the 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr? Stood on and looked across a sea of hopeful faces in 1963 and said: "I Have A Dream?" We've made huge strides.

We never thought we'd see a black president.  Regardless of your political views Barack Obama taking the oath of office twice indicates we are marching in the right direction.  Young children being killed simply because they are a minority says some days we march in reverse. It's no longer just "colored" children or optimistic white children being killed in the hate game. Now we have gay children tormented and killed for coming out. People of Hispanic descent being sent back to "their" country when the only country tgey know is the USA. Women are still being paid less for the same work as their male counterparts.

Some days it feels like we have overcome as that old negro spiritual suggests.  Other days it feels like Plymouth rock is still firmly resting on our chest keeping us down in oppression. Really can't say how far we've come or how much further we have to go. I know today of all days we must reflect and plan for our future. We must plan to move forward and keep marching on. I have a dream tonight. My dream is that one day all facets of Dr. Martin Luther King's become a reality.

Originally appeared 8/25/2013

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