Daycap App Adds Animated Flair to Your Social Media Experience

IMG_4622.PNGApp Name: Daycap App URL:

App Version Reviewed: 1.3 Last updated 12/16/2016

Platforms: iOS, & Android

IOS Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pricing: Free on iTunes and Google Play

Description Daycap is a mobile app that works with Instgram to create a  visual memento of your day. Pictures taken thoughout the day until 4 AM are assembled in a slideshow and then posted to Instgram.

Audience Snapchat, Instragram Live and Facebook Live fans would embrace Daycap. This core demographic is fascinated with taking selfies and documenting their day on social media. This app gives users a fun functional way to create personal gifs and slideshows of the users daily activity.

The Good The premise of the app is entertaining. In March of 2016 Daycap was featured on the iTunes best new app list. Sarah Perez reviewed the app for TechCrunch. Taking pictures inside the app is relatively easy.  Even though Daycap debuted as one of iTunes best new apps I didn't find very much to celebrate while using the app for the last week.

Simplicity and ease of use Daycap promises users an effortless experience. Unfortunately, it's a promise that the developers weren't able to deliver on. It can be hard connecting to Instagram from the app. The description of the app gives the user the impression using the app is as simple as taking a picture or checking in to a location using your GPS. If you want to create a slidehsow using the app is not quite so easy.

Needs improvement  Daycap need a complete overhaul. Several  IMG_4621.PNG applicationsduring the week were tested to prepare for this review. The other apps researched were  Pyrus, Bear, and Tag O Matic . Daycap was the most intriguing.  The app was buggy with a lot of lag and logging into Instagram was a challenged.  It's diasappointing that it didn't live up to any of the promises  in the description. The most recent reviews indicate the problems with the app began with the most recent update in December of 2016. The app also boasts claims that it wsa created to share with Instragram, Facebook, Twitter and Messenger. The only app you can share directly from is Instagram. Another significant problem with DAycap is the inability to take and share images using a camera. The images can only be taken through the Daycap app.

Conclusions Daycap has an intriguing premise and could potentially be a game changer if the developer is able to fix the bugs in the app. Having the ability to share to multiple social medi sites quickly is also necessary if Daycap wants to take on the like sof Instagram Live, Snap Chat and Facbook Live.

Wish App Creating a fucntional app that would allow users to share creative, unique content quickly and efficently is necessary in the world of public relations. In today's digital world applications must have the ability to suggest hashtags, and create content that will boost engagement on social media. Pr professionals also need the ability to share content and between collaboration teams quickly even when wifi is not present. PR personnel need to be able to handle a crisis even when internet service is spotty.

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