NFL Pick or Pass Week 2

If Thursday night’s game between the Bills and the Jets is any indication, we could be in for a wild Sunday. Knowledge and preparation are 2/3rds of the battle. So let’s get you equipped for week 2. BTW I was 10-3-1 ATS last week but that's still no reason for you to lose your mind and wager money you don’t have. Let me remind you this is for entertainment purposes only. You can play crazy and bet the farm if you want, but don't come looking for me with your hand stuck out.

NFL Week 2 

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5

The Vegas wise guys want you to believe this is a FG game. Don’t you believe it The Steelers might be playing on a short week, but this is their home opener and Big Ben has Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams at his disposal. Pick: Steelers -3.5

Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions -6

The Lions looked pretty good on the road against the Colts in week 1. They still had a few minor OMG moments typical of the Lions but overall not a bad first showing. Personally I have more confidence in the Lions covering when they’re the underdog. Take the Titans and the points, but the Lions are capable of winning outright. Pick: Titans +6

Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans -3

The Chiefs look to avenge last year’s playoff loss to the Texans. Jamaal Charles is out again this week. The Texans will let Lamar Miller run fast and hard all day. Pick: Chiefs +3 

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots -6.5. I know the Patriots and Jimmy Garoppolo are at home. I know Garoppolo pulled off an impressive win in Phoenix last week. Both teams were impressive on the road in Week 1. This is a division game the Dolphins need to win give themselves a slight edge while Brady is out. Plus, Gronkowski is out again this week. Pick Dolphins +6.5

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns +7

At this point Josh McCown is better option than Robert Griffin III whether he’s healthy or not. The Browns are honoring Jim Brown and unveiling his statue today. That might be just the magic pixie dust the Browns need. Pick Browns +7

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins -3

In this division rivalry game, it really doesn't matter who is behind center. The games almost always go down to the wire. Two teams with schizophrenic tendencies that hate each other, add Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant and you have a recipe for a headache. Are the Redskins as bad as they looked on Monday night, or are the Steelers that good?  Probably a little of both. Pick: Cowboys +3

 New Orleans Saints at New York Giants -4.5. The Saints don’t play well on the road, they have a horrid defense, this might be like taking candy from a baby. Pick: Giants -4.5

49ers at Carolina Panthers -13. It's going to be a long day for the 49ers. Usually I think it’s a mistake to take double digit favorites but this is Carolina, and this is San Fran. The Panthers are going to rinse the taste of defeat out of their mouth by pounding on the 49ers all day. #Keeppounding. The 49ers didn't win a single East Coast game last year. Today doesn’t look positive for them either after playing a later game on Monday and traveling to the East Coast for an early game today. Pick Panthers – 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals -6.5. Jameis Winston looks like the real deal from time to time he even has some flashes of his mentor Cam Newton.  This could be a shootout. Buckle up and get ready for lots of fireworks.  Pick: Tampa +6.5

 Seattle Seahawks at Rams +6.

Russel Wilson is playing. Jeff Fisher is 4-4 against the Seahawks since going to Rams. Pick Seattle – 6

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos -6. Denver’s defense could lead to a lot of bad Luck for Andrew Luck and potentially an 0-2 start for the Colts. Demaryius Thomas is suffering with a hip injury. Denver is capable of punishing opponents on the ground with the run game. Pick: Broncos -6

Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders -4 Going into the Black Hole is no joke. The Falcons don’t tend to fly as high, or as fast on the road. The Raiders pulled a 2 pt. conversion out of their bag of tricks last week and left the Big Easy with a W in the column. Pick: Raiders -4

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers -3

This game is basically a pick’em if you close your eyes you and switch jerseys these teams are almost carbon copies of each other. Keenan Allen is out for the season after tearing his ACL. The Chargers are 12-3-1 against the spread in September games.  Pick: Chargers-3

Green Bay Packers at Vikings +3 

Aaron Rodgers is 11-5 in his career against Minnesota. The Packers are 5-0 against the spread in September games. Teddy Bridgewater is out for the season with a torn ACL.  The Vikings are also 5-1 against the spread in their last six games against the NFC North and 8-2 in their last 10 games against a team with a winning record. Something has got to give. Since the Vikings are breaking in their nice new digs take the Pack to break. Pick: Vikings +3

Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears -3

I know you aren’t under the impression that I’m going to give you advice in this game even if it is on a Monday night. My advice to you is if you’re still praying your parlay is coming through when Monday Night football kicks off you might need a gambling anonymous group.

Karintha was 10-3-1 ATS in week 1