Evolution of Mobile Technology Assignment 2

**This post satisfies an assignment requirement for school. In today’s society avoiding technology is not an option. Traditional teams like the LA Dodgers, the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Cavaliers are finding news and innovative ways to use technology to keep fans and consumers engaged.

The Dodgers have started the LA Dodgers Accelerator Program embraces technology in an ingenuous way. Start-ups are giving a chance to compete for a 90-day program with the Dodgers. Technology startups present their platforms and apps and the Dodgers pick the best one and make them their IT manager for 90 days. This program gives startups a shot and also works to keep the Dodgers at the forefront of a digital society. The program also helps the Dodgers consistently maintain a fresh look and approach.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had great success with their mobile app CavsEat. Tap.in.2 runs the mobile app for CavsEat. The app enhances and improves the in game experience for Cavalier fans. Instead of missing game action to purchase food or beverages fans can have food and drink orders delivered to their seat.

Investing in technology helps the established sport brand as well as the start-up. The sport brand benefits because it keeps their brand identity relevant. Fans like to be part of the changing times and everyone wants their team to be apart of the conversation. Using technology to give fans the best experience in sports is a wise move.

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