Evolution of Mobile Technology Assignment 1

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Cell phones have had more impact on society than any other mobile technology. Cell phones have evolved into essential devices in the last 25 years. When the brick cellphone went on sale in the 90’s the signal was bad, the phones were heavy and clumsy and they were more of a status statement than a viable tool. The idea of using the brick cellular phone instead of a traditional landline device was unthinkable. The rapid advancement in technology in recent years has helped the cell phone evolve into a necessary tool everyone must have.

Today cell phones are used like computers to make business transactions. A cell phone is more than a communication device. 97% of all adult American have at least one cell phone. Consumers can access entertainment, news, business, and banking apps, all from the palm of their hand. The advancement of the mobile device has prompted some consumers to cut the cord to their landline and utilize their cell phone as their only communication device.


The advancement of smart phones gives people flexibility and opens up the world. The 24-hour news cycle in is largely due to the advancement of mobile technology used in today's smart phones. Consumers are able to upload pictures and news, as it happens to satisfy the need for instant gratification. People are also adept at accessing news as soon as it happens via social media apps like Twitter, Periscope, and Facebook. Technology allows people to live their life on the go without being tied down to one place. Mobile technology has changed everything from the way we vote in elections to how we watch episodes of Scandal and the Super Bowl to how we access the news. Mobile technology has even impacted the way we exercise and diet. These are just a few of the reason why the mobile technology of smart phones is the most important advancement in society to day.