NFL Thanksgiving Predictions Sure to go Astray

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, cheers to a day filled with love, gratitude, food and of course FOOTBALL. There are 3 NFL games on tap for your viewing pleasure today. It’s not Thanksgiving without the Detroit Lions taking the field and today is no different. Go ahead have seconds, play some flag football and then coach someone to victory, some of these teams need all the coaching help they can get. Eagles vs. Lions -3

It’s not Thanksgiving until the Lions lose on Thanksgiving. Ok to be fair they don’t lose every game, they are not the Washington Generals for goodness sake. They win every so often but Detroit I fear this is not your year. The Lions have won 2 in a row and I think 3 maybe just out of their reach. The Lions are hosting the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles need a win if they want to stay ahead of the Dallas Cowboys. Look the Cowboys and their fans say their going all the way now that Romo is back so surely everyone else in the division is concerned. Don't shot the messenger. The “experts” are all picking Detroit to win a close one. Yes, the Lions are favored by 3 but don’t fall for it. Growing up in Detroit taught me 1 thing the odds of the Lions winning on Thanksgiving are low real low.  Pick: Eagles + 3


I’m not sure how you justify making Super Cam and the Panthers the underdog but ok I see you Vegas. The undefeated Panthers ride into Dallas this Thanksgiving looking to keep their unbeaten streak alive. The Panthers let Greg Hardy go last year, the Cowboys should follow suit and let him go as well but that’s another issue. Greg Hardy will probably be doing the most to exact revenge on his former team. I really hope the Panthers silence the Cowboys and Hardy today and end any dim chances they have for winning their division. The Panthers won’t just have to overcome Hardy, Dallas, and possibly the refs today when they take the field. They will also have to overcome the Sports Illustrated Jinx. Apparently SI is on the Patriots payroll because for some reason SI thought it was a good idea to put Cam Newton on the cover this week like they don’t know their janky. Lets get real family this is a now brainer even with SI’s nonsense anytime the undefeated team is the underdog you have to take that and run. Pick: Panthers +1.5


We already know how this is going to go. We are going to spend the day laughing and eating enjoying family and friends. We’ll eat until we are stuffed and then watch more football. Tonight as some head out to begin their shopping the Bears and the Packers will take the field. What, did you think you were getting a prediction today because there are only 3 games and it’s a holiday? Um no not going to happen. The Bears and Packers will play 60 minutes of football. One team will win and that pretty much sums it up.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy the games