Week 1 NFL Pick or Pass.

Week One NFL Football Preview   9/13 - 9/14, 2015 DIRECTTV

Ironically ever time the Patriots have won a Super Bowl in recent years it's been amid scandal and controversy. If the infamous Patriots need controversy to win Super Bowls the rest of the league may already be in trouble this season. Moments after the Patriots put Deflate-gate behind them to kick off the 2015-16 season the Patriots found themselves in the midst of Headset-gate. During the 1st NFL game of the season Pittsburgh Steeler personnel reported interference in their headsets making it hard for the coached to communicate with each other. According to the Steelers' coaches all that could be heard on their headsets was conversation between Patriots coaches. The Patriots went on to defeat the Steelers 28-21 in their first outing this season. Though it should be noted that the Steelers loss had more to do with the kicker than the head set issue.  Still, the Patriots have their first win of the season and a scandal. The rest of the league might want to take notice.

Time is money and there is just a little more time before this NFL season kicks into high gear so here are your week 1 predictions.

Sunday 9/13 1:00 Eastern

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Green Bay at Chicago - The Packers hit the road week 1 to play their hated division rivals in Chicago. Full disclosure I am a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and even I can't come up with a scenario where my beloved Bears win this game. WR Alshon Jefferey is still questionable, Cutler is still Cutler, and even with out Jordy Nelson reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers/Packers QB is still Aaron Rodgers. This one is probably going to get ugly quick. Seriously, there isn't much reason to watch this one unless you're a Packers fan or Bears fan praying for a miracle. Which is exactly why it's trap game number 1 this week. On paper this is a lock for Green Bay, but all reason goes out the window when you're talking about division rivals.  Green Bay is favored by a touchdown. If the Bears cover this one even their moms will be shocked, Take the 7 and the Pack all the way to the bank.

Kansas City at Houston - RB Arian Foster is still out, but Jadeveon Clowned and JJ Watt are back for the Texans. Jamaal Charles has the ability to help overcome Alex Smith's shortcomings. Kansas City is favored by 1. In a Pick'em game always take the home team. Texans find a way to squeak a win out at home. This one may go to OT.

Cleveland at NY Jets - I just can't. Don't make me. The Jets are favored by 3.5. I assume because of their running game. Their starting QB is out with a fractured jaw courtesy of an ex teammate. Brandon Marshal can't throw the ball to himself and catch it. The Browns are still the Browns so they'll probably find a way to lose this one. Or maybe even win it to annoy people. Does anyone care about this one? Fans choice if you like this game great. I personally think they should just do rock paper scissors and let us know how it turns out.

Indianapolis at Buffalo - The Colts open up the season in Buffalo in Ryan country. I expect the Colts to play with a chip on their shoulder after losing to the Patriots in the AFC Championship last year amid Deflate-gate. Andrew Luck will continue to fare better than RGIII. Look for the Colts to open up with a win on the road with a cover. Take the Colts and the -2.5 in Buffalo.

Miami at Washington - Trap game number 2.  Washington is going with Kirk Cousins for the season. Hey Coach Gruden, have you ever thought about QB by committee? It works well in college for Urban Meyer and RB by committee is pretty popular. Another ugly game. The Dolphins are favored by 3.5. They go to Washington and 0-0 and leave with a W. Take the Dolphins

Carolina at Jacksonville  There are some really ugly games this week. You may want to consider just doing Draft Kings, or Fan Duel and your fantasy team this week. Cam is Cam he'll probably run. Devon Funchess should be ready to go. The Panthers have a pretty good defense.  Panthers are favored by 3 in Jacksonville so Vegas basically has it as a pick'em. Flip a coin no one cares.

Seattle at St. Louis - Another division game to open the season. The Rams have a pretty good defense. Am Chancellor is still holding out. Russell Wilson just signed that huge contract and he has Ciara - what could go wrong. If Pete Carroll is smart enough to call Marshawn Lynch's number early and often the Seahawks will wake up Monday morning 1-0. But then again if Carroll had called on Lynch in the Super Bowl they'd be 2 time defending champs. Too soon - ok no worries I'm sure Carroll learned his lesson. Take the NFC Champs to win on the road and cover the 4.

9/13 4:25 PM EST

Whew the late games are going to be rough for the home teams. They are all really pick'ems but it still looks like a rough stretch for the hometown guys.

New Orleans at Arizona - New Orleans doesn't typically play well on the road. Jimmy Graham is in Seattle. The Cardinals have a decent team. The Saints are looking to run a little more this year and utilize Ingram more. Marques Colton needs to get back in the swing of things if Drew Brees and the Saints intend to have a productive year. Cardinals win at home by a FG. Which is a good thing since they're favored by 2.5.

Detroit at San Diego - San Diego's QB Philip Rivers cashed in during the off-season. If the Lions don't take a side trip to Tijuana for some fun they should make it back to the Motor City with a win. Calvin Johnson is healthy, Ameer Abdullah is going to be special and Joique Bell isn't that bad.  Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson will get open often for Matthew Stafford. Don't be surprised if the Lions go to Cali and pull off a win. The Chargers are favored by 3 but I'm taking the Lions.

Tennessee at Tampa Bay - AKA The Rookie Bowl - Marcus Mariotta and his Titans journey to Florida to take on James Winston and his Tampa Bay Bucs. The Bucs can offer Winston a little better protection than Mariotta will get from Tennessee. This should be a good game to watch. Tampa Bay is favored at home by 3. The Titans are not just going to walk in and have them a W. The Bucs defense is a little better than the Titans too. The Bucs find a way to win it but may not be able to cover. Proceed with caution.

Cincinnati at Oakland - Sorry my eyes were glazing over. Oakland plays well at home. The Bengals don't travel that well. The Bengals are favored by 3. But The Raiders are much better than anyone is giving them credit for. Take the home team and the +3 you could get lucky.

The Manning brothers close out our first full Sunday of football. Denver at Baltimore Peyton and his Denver Broncos ride into Baltimore where the Broncos are a 4.5-point favorite. The Ravens are still trying to shake the stink of last year's drama. Peyton is still playing for history. Denver wins it but the Ravens cover at home.

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Dallas at NY Giants - Are you ready for some football. This game never disappoints. Whether it's the tomfoolery off the field or the play on the field there is always drama when these two get together. Tony Romo is healthy. Eli just signed a mega contract Dez Bryant is still saying it was a catch and these two are division rivals.  Dallas is favored by 6 in NY.  Dallas may win but they won't cover 6 in hostile territory. Load up on Eli, Odell Beckham, and the Giants. When the football gods give you a gift take it and run. The Giants win out right and cover the +6.