Vote for Barry Donalson Top Male MLM Networker 2015

Barry Donalson 5Linx It's time to vote for the Top Male MLM Networker of 2015. There are a lot of options but none as amazing as Millionaire Maker Barry Donalson of 5Linx.  Barry Donalson personally mentors thousands helping them find the blueprint to live a better life. Married to Medicine star Lisa Nicole Cloud has repeatedly sung Donalson's praises, I had such tremendous respect for Barry I jumped at the opportunity. If it had been anyone else I probably wouldn't have." (Sweeney)

Every Sunday night he hosts a live conference call to personally mentor anyone in his organization who is serious about making a change for the better.  Barry could spend his weekends relaxing off the cost of some exotic isle but instead he gives freely of his time and self to bless people so that they can be a blessing for others. Please follow the link and vote for Barry Donalson as this year's Top Male MLM Networker.

5 Linx SVP Nakia Jones is one of the thousands who have been personally mentored by Barry Donalson.  SVP Jones recently made a heartfelt plea to everyone to vote for his mentor Barry Donalson. "I need ALL my Family and Friends, especially all my military to please do me a favor and vote for my "Millionaire Making" Mentor. It’s a huge honor for him to be nominated and because I know that he has blessed and changed so many people lives I urge you to vote. My mentor Barry Donalson is being nominated for Top Male MLM Networker 2015. It only takes 5 minutes. Thank you ALL in advance." SVP Nakia Jones

SVP Madonna Soriano has also been mentored by Barry Donalson. "This is my first experience in MLM and I couldn't have done it without the guidance of an expert like Mr. Barry Donalson. He's a legend in his own time and he understands the genius of this industry. Most importantly, he is able to relay that information to individuals like myself, with no prior experience, at a level we can utilize now and a system we can apply today. The proof is in the pudding, he's turning first time MLMers into multi-million dollar earners. He's a man who's blessed and a man who's given back to the world over and over again." SVP Soriano eloquently explained the impact Donalson has had on his  organization and the MLM industry as a whole.

"MLM is my passion and I strive to help people who want to build and grow their organization! Thank you everyone for the support." humble words of gratitude from Barry Donalson Double Platinum Senior Vice President with 5Linx.

Barry's selfless sense of service to others is the very reason why we should all put our support behind him and make him the Top Male MLM Networker of 2015. Make sure your vote counts voting closes June 30, 2015.

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