The Fairy Tale of Equal Pay for Women.

Women of color earn .33 cents less than men doing the same job. As Americans we like to think we are evolved creatures. We pretend that every man, woman and child is created equally and enjoys the same rights and privileges despite race, gender, or sexual orientation. Clearly the Brother's Grimm are not the only ones skilled fairy tale writers in the land.

Fact: There is not a single state that pays women equally for equal work. NOT ONE. Fact: Minority women are paid .67 cents for every dollar their white male counterpart earns. White women are also fighting an uphill battle when it comes to equal pay; they earn .77 cents on the dollar. In whose mind is this equal pay? You don't need to be a rocket scientist or Albert Einstein to figure out .77 is less than 1.00.  Less than is not equal. Recently 13 states attempted to pat themselves on the back for doing so well in the equal pay arena. Sorry, while 91% is better than the national average it is still not equal and therefore it is still not enough. Of the 13 states who are above the national average only 1 is at 91% and Washington D.C. isn't even a state. Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.08.08 PMWomen make up over 52% of eligible voters. We have got to demand not only equal pay, but we must hold our representative’s feet to the fire on the issues that matter to us. Rock the vote. Get out and vote. If your elected officials do not have your best interests at heart they must go. Vote them out. NO longer can we allow our families to be held hostage and have our dreams deferred. The 80% of all single parent households are ran by women. Single mothers are currently raising an estimated 18 million children. Single mothers make .23 to .33 cents less on average than males doing the same job. The median income for single mothers is $26,000. Single mothers and their children are more likely to live at or below the poverty level than any other group including single fathers with children. Single fathers with children in the home very rarely live at or below poverty level. The median income for homes with single fathers is $35,000. It’s time to close the boys club and let everyone earn according to their capabilities. Equal pay should be just that equal.