All in on Hillary Clinton For President 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.29.58 AMThe Kennedy Camelot era predates me.  As a child I thought presidential candidates had to be old, white, boring, dried up, and of course male.  It never crossed my mind that the President of the United States could be Afro-American, or female. I had a lot of dreams as a child, never once did I dream of being the President. I could envision myself becoming the first female mafia don - don't ask - don't judge me I was a kid, anyway I digress. The point is, in my child mind I had a better chance of becoming a mafia Queen Pin than I did becoming the leader of the free world. That is no way for our children to live or dream. Former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is an inspiration for little girls and women everywhere. Whether or not you agree with her politics or personal decisions she is still to be admired and revered as a champion for women. Clinton has had to re-invent herself often, much more often than her male political counterparts. Through each re-invention she comes out stronger, better, a little wiser from the storm and always on top. What better role model could there be for not only our little girls, but for our boys as well?

When Bill Clinton ran for President it changed everything for me. When Senator Barack Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention I listened to his speech and I BELIEVED one-day being President wouldn't just be a job for white male children.  I couldn't shake the feeling that IF it were POSSIBLE Obama would get it done. I was right.  When Senator Hillary Clinton ran for President in 2008 I BELIEVED again.  Crazy me, I started to believe that maybe I would see a President in the White House that wasn't a white male. I started to think it was possible for a black man, to be elected leader of the free world.  When President Obama took the oath of office on that frigid day in January I started thinking maybe just maybe one day I'd be able to say I lived long enough to see a black man, and maybe even a woman take the oath of office. When Senator Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State that belief grew.  I hope Hillary Clinton wins.  Still, win or loose she will forever change the belief system of our children. Today a 9-year-old girl is watching a YouTube video thinking I am fierce, I am smart, I am unstoppable, and I will be President one day. Finally, it's not a fairytale, it's a possibility. It's time politics represented America in all our glory. It's time for Hillary Clinton.