Exenia Brings Soulful R&B Flow

Photo Credit http://exeniamusic.com

Exenia's  debut EP  "5 Sides" opens with the smooth chords of "Loose Change" and takes the listener on a soulful journey through 5 facets of Exenia. The vocals on the CD are refreshing.  Exenia's R&B fusion jazz sound is reminiscent of Rachelle Ferrell.  Even though Exenia does not scat like Ferrell her silky voice will thrill listeners who are in the mood for a clean, soulful and seductive sound.   "5 Sides" is a must for serious music collectors. It's appeal spans all genres. Exenia's voice is rich and the music helps further the story without overpowering the artist. 5 Sides is a great listen while cleaning the house, cooking, relaxing after a long day, or cuddling with someone special. It is definitely for the grown and sexy. Exenia's sound may not be your mama and daddy's R&B, but it is timeless. Check out 5 Sides by Exenia on itunes and Exeniamusic.