TLC's Inaction Quietly Condones Duggars' Small Minded Views

A petition to force TLC to cancel their show 19 Kids and counting has been circulating and is quickly gained momentum. Yes, this is America and everyone including the Duggar family is entitled to freedom of speech, however  freedom of speech does not exempt you from suffering repercussions for said beliefs or actions. TLC  which stands for The Learning Channel has no other choice than to cancel this show. You can not have The Learning Channel broadcasting a show that is teaching and spewing hate and discrimination.

The Duggars' 19 Kids and Counting weathered the storm and were able to remain on TLC despite several other bigoted comments made by cast members since December. I believe in freedom of speech. I always believe in other right to oppose your view in a peaceful manner. I'm not sure providing a platform for people to promote and spew vile and bigoted mantras is a responsible programming choice. I guess it's a good thing that thought they have a dedicated cult like following it is relatively small and numbers. If there is a silver lining it's that their poisonous net doesn't reach that far or wide.

When the American dreamland the ideals and beliefs  the dream is built upon become a nightmare someone has to have some sense and step in and say enough. The stars of 19 Kid and Counting have repeatedly used their television platform and social media  to spew vile hate speech, and discrimination against cast sections of the population who have the audacity to march to a different drum.  This shouldn't be allowed to continue without someone stepping in and saying we will not allow you to use The Learning Channel to further hate filled, racist, homophobic, degrading, ignorant  ideals. You're free to say it just be prepared to face the backlash that may come because of it.