The Great Divide - Sports Media Digital Portfolio Assignment Welcome to the Great Divide. A world where love, devotion, and loyalty to a sports team is as ingrained into the culture as saying bless you after someone sneezes. If you have to befriend the enemy do it in style. The Great Divide offers a variety of packages to unite fans who are coexisting on opposite sides of the Great Divide.

Print Media – newspaper- magazines – team media guides-

Radio – advertising spots during, before and after the game and pregame

Signage – Athletic Venue - signs – billboards – naming rights

Intellectual Property merchandise – apparel –

Sponsorship – i.e. The Great Divide Pregame Show etc.

Broadcast – Television rights and ads during the program

Digital – Internet – social media

The media platform I would use is Intellectual Property. I would use Intellectual Property as my platform because it provides me an opportunity to market merchandise such as apparel, home goods and all other non tangible items that fall under the license and trademark copyrights.

The ROI could be considerable from selling themed merchandise. Fans like to support their team and they like to have bragging rights. Sports are more fun when you have someone to share them with even if you all aren’t cheering for the same team.