Limitless Sky for Pint Sized CEO with a Vision

[embed][/embed] Skyla Bailey who just happens to be 9 years old is a hands on CEO.  Ms. Bailey loves to have fun like any other girl her age, and when it comes to running her own business she has fun getting down to brass tacks.

Star-Lite Creations  logo

When Skyla first approached her parents Charles and LayTonia Bailey about starting her own business and accessory line it was very evident that she had been taking notes from her CEO parents. Skyla had a vision and she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Skyla designed her own logo, a shooting star filled with fireworks, tomorrow all her hard work pays off with the official launch of Star-Lite Creations. The launch party will be held at the Embassy Suites - Greystone in Columbia, SC. 200 Stoneridge Dr. Columbia, SC 29210. The launch party is schedule from 2 pm - 5pm and will include a mini- fashion show sponsored by RBK Styles of Fashion as well as a walk for Cancer and a silent auction. In addition to being entrepreneurs, both of Skyla's parents are in the Army, so it should come as no surprise that the service and duty bug has bitten Ms. Bailey as well. "I think the kind of person Skyla is even if we hadn't told her to she had to give back to the community some kind of way she would've done it on her own," explained LayTonia Bailey.

Star-Lite Creations has gone from a single table at her parents business functions to hosting events alone.

"She basically does it all herself. She designs and makes all the pieces for her line by hand. I help with the business side but even that she gets an idea in her head and just runs with it. She is creative and true to the vision she has for company. When I have a business meeting she asks if she can set up a table to showcase her accessories," continued Mrs. Bailey.

Just like every other aspect of Star-Lite Creations the charitable contributions donated by its pint-sized CEO over sees Star-Lite Creations.  While trying to decide on a charity the Bailey's learned Ja'miyah Mcknight was battling brain cancer. Ja'miyah's aunt and Skyla's mom had gone through Army Basic Training together so the young ladies already knew each other.

Ja'Miayah's Picks at a recent event attended by Star-Lite Creations

For Skyla making the choice to donate half of her proceeds from select items wasn't hard at all.  Ja'miyah's Picks are prominently featured at every event, there will be a section for Ja'miyah's Picks on the website once it goes live Saturday. 5-year-old Ja'miyah has been battling a form of brain cancer called Astrocytoma since she was 4 years old. Not only has the energetic princess had to take radiation and chemotherapy treatments she recently had to have her left eye sewn shut because of the pressure from the tumor in her brain. Still despite the difficult circumstances Ja’miyah has a zeal for life. Her favorite things to do are pose for pictures and color. To read more about Ja'miyah's story or to learn how you can help click on this link, or attend the launch party tomorrow in Columbia South Carolina.  As Skyla said in her video come prepared to shop, donate and HAVE FUN!10604734_842143099151857_1552862982583911102_o

What is Star-Lite Creations?

I'm glad you asked. Sky's Star-Lite Creations is a brand designed to add color to every child through the world of accessories. Life is what you make it. Their focus is to promote a fun atmosphere of youth positivity, creativity, and kidpreneurship."Accessories add to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. In fashion, accessories complement one's look, personality, or mood so why not ACCESSORIZE your life in your own unique way?" Skyla via Star-Lite Creations Facebook page.

Even if you can't be in Columbia, SC this Saturday November 15, 2014 you can still donate. 50% of the proceeds from Ja'miyah's picks will be donated to the McKnight family to help with the Ja'miyah's medical expenses. The website goes lives this Saturday immediately following the mini fashion show, walk for Cancer, and silent auction.  It's time we all took a stand against Cancer.  The holidays are coming and every one of us needs a little extra star appeal and shine Star-Lite Creations can give you that and so much more.

So many choices, so many decisions. I had the hardest time trying to decide what to order from Skyla in support of her grand opening. Starlight Creations is for anyone who wants s adds a little color in their world.  I decided on the studded HOPE hat because a splash of color never hurt anyone, and a little HOPE can go a long way into making miracles happen.10440779_848002581899242_8886846271885459892_n