End Zone Fantasy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey3UmkKd62E Fantasy football is one of the fastest growing segments of the NFL. Fans of every NFL franchise are involved in fantasy football leagues. One of the quickest ways to increase market share and fan base is to promote fantasy football participation and give fantasy owners access to the latest player news.  DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket televises every NFL game of all season long.  With NFL Sunday Ticket Chicago Bear fans who live in New Orleans, Buffalo, and San Diego never have to miss another play. NFL Sunday Ticket eliminates blackout issues and regional coverage woes. Every game is regional coverage from your TV, tablet, or phone. Special features include the Red Zone Channel, Fantasy Zone, the Mix Channel, Stats and Scores, Player Tracker, NFL On Demand, and Short Cuts all add up to the ultimate fan experience.  Download the app to any computer or mobile device and take the NFL everywhere you go.


The fantasy football platform generates revenue from several sources.  Newspapers, magazines and other forms of print media create content that increases revenue for the NFL and its partners. The rampant increase in popularity enables media outlets to charge more for print ads, and the NFL is able to charge more ad space. Trademark and licensing also receives a boost from fantasy football. Every NFL partner must play trademark and licensing fees to print any content related to the NFL. Jersey and team apparel sales increase dramatically when a player performs well on the fantasy football league and when teams are winning.  Fans like to wear their fandom proudly. Ironically teams in smaller markets tend to have a wider fan base, which equates to more money spent on a large mix of NFL products. NFL Sunday Ticket caters to dispersed fans all across the country as well as fantasy football owners. The NFL Sunday Ticket packages increase revenue. The increase in revenue trickles down to several NFL umbrellas. Broadcast film and TV revenue and rights are increased. NFL Films and Special Event revenue is increased. Owner profit is increased and as a result player income is increased. The ability to download an app allows the NFL to partner with cell phone providers and fake revenue deals with cell phone manufactures. The NFL has a content contract with Verizon  in addition to the broadcast contract they have with DIRECTV. Fantasy football and DIRECTV is a winning combination for the NFL, NFL's fans NFL owners as well as NFL's numerous corporate sponsors.



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