Hi 5 to a Brand New Me

Day 15 of my Hi5 fifty-five day challenge and and I'm down 1.5 inches and 10 pounds. I know mind blowing  and amazing right? Definitely and it's even more amazing because in full disclosure I haven't been strict about adhering to the Hi5 program guidelines. The guidelines aren't super restrictive or hard to follow, but I like to eat. Honestly, I wasn't willing to go all in with  another dietary supplement only to achieve the slight results, end up grouchy, hungry and maybe 3 pounds lighter. Ok, fam I was wrong. The Hi5 products from 5 Linx are different. Two weeks ago I was like you sitting on my couch looking at the pictures, listening to the testimonies and thinking it couldn't possibly work. It works and the transformation is amazing. With that said, join me for the remainder of my Hi5 journey. 15 days in I feel rejuvenated, focused and healthy, I can't wait to see what the next 40 days bring. The Hi5 system consists of 3 products grouped together to help transform your mind and body.

Hi5 System  Hi5 Edge, Hi5 Boost, and Hi5 Lean

  • Hi5 Lean is a nutrient-rich shake full of protein and vitamins
  • Hi5 Boost supplies energy through the day and for workouts, plus it can help curb appetite
  • Hi5 Edge is a dietary supplement that supports optimum health and total wellness

    Breakfast of Champions. Montavida Coffee and  Hi5 Lean Shake with fresh berries.

I amplified the health and wellness  benefits of the Hi5 products by drinking a cup of  Montavida coffee each day.

I fully admit I didn't give the challenge my all the first 15 days and still I'm inspired by my results. So inspired I may even work out. Yeah, ok that sounded funny even to me. After years of being an athlete and Army PT the most strenuous work out you'll probably see me do is the Cha Cha slide, the Wobble or a power walk through the 24 hour super center.  I am however,  going to make the next 40 days count. I'll  drink at least one lean shake a day, and I promise to get my Edge on twice a day and Boost my life at least once a day. I only drank 9 shakes the first 15 days so baby steps fam, baby steps. Yes,  I was doing the random Hi5 method, but I started and if I can  so can you. What are you waiting on to start? Just as I thought, no excuses let's get it.

I challenge you all to live a better life. Together we can do it. Let's get healthy, let's get wealthy and then let's change the world. If you're up to the challenge tag me on Instagram or post your pictures of your journey to the new you in the comments below.


Photo Collage Maker_rMov0mYou can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at Reignof_Styles. I'll see you soon some time between the strokes of midnight, until then live your life royally... Cheers and blessings.