9 Year Old Skyla Bailey Pays it Forward With Star-Lite Creations

Skyla Bailey,  mom LayTonia Bailey, and Dad Charles Bailey at the recent Sister Summit in Columbia, SC. Star-Lite Creations' was a vendor at the event. For most of us our most pressing concern at nine was what sport to play, or what to put on our Christmas list.  Skyla Bailey has a little more on her plate besides what games to play on the weekend. Skyla is a pint-sized CEO on a mission. Ms. Bailey caught the entrepreneurial bug from her parents Charles and LayTonia Bailey.

Skyla isn't just an entrepreneur, she's also a philanthropist.  Skyla's company Star-Lite Creations is currently sponsoring Ja'miyah Mcknight. 5 year old Ja'miyah is battling brain cancer, but she hasn't let that dampen her spirits. Ja'miyah loves to draw, pose and take pictures. Skyla and Star-Light Creations are donating 50% of select products to Ja'miyah's medical expenses.Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.14.48 AM

The Star-Lite Creations line includes accessories like bracelets, pendents and watched as well as2 studded hats. One of the hat styles has the word HOPE emblazoned across the front and the other style has stars scattered across the front. Both of the baseball caps come in several denim washes.

Recently Skyla has attended the Sister Summit, a Young Entrepenuers Conference and  Chosen 2 Conquer International Ministries' Super Heroes Fun Fest. Star-Lite Creations will be a featured vendor during Wink Magazine's WAR on Fashion: Military Inspired Fashion Show on November 6th at 7PM at Studio Cellar, 912 Lady Street, Columbia, SC.

Come out and enjoy and evening of fashion and fun in the Columbia, SC area on 11/6/14.

Skyla is truly remarkable young business woman. To be at the helm of a your own company at 9 is outstanding. Skyla is also a designer, artists, and philanthropist with a heart of gold. Someone one said a blessing isn't a blessing unless you pass it on. Ms. bailey is a blessing and inspiration to her peers and adults alike. What if each one of us did something to enrich the life of at least one person. It only takes one person to spark change. Be the spark in your community that lights the fire of change.

"I'm so happy to be in a position at my age to be able to say that!" Skyla Bailey recently posted. There is no doubt Skyla Bailey is on the road to success and she has a lot of happy moments to look forward to.  If you're going to be in the Columbia, SC area on November 6, or November 15, 2014 add a little sparkle to your holiday wardrobe by stopping by Star-Lite Creations booth at the "War on Fashion Runway Show" or the "Mini Fashion Show" to celebrate the launch of the Star-lIte Creation line. You can follow Skyla on Facebook at Star-Lite Creations.

Star-Lite Creations table at the Sister Summit in Columbia, SC 10/25/14

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