Thankful for Another Tuesday

I apologize for not ranting and raving yesterday as promised. However, football season is coming and there will be plenty of time for that.

Let's check off the basics Thank Yous before moving on. Obviously we are alive or you wouldn't be reading this and I wouldn't be typing this. Clearly if we are ill we are well enough to read the computer screen and maybe play a little Candy Crush. By the way I do not will not play Candy Crush or any other Facebook games I am not currently playing. I am only playing the ones I'm playing because I love my Auntie so dearly. There isn't world peace but a lot of our troops that were overseas this time last year are home and more are coming every day. Somewhere someone is reading this blog that is worse off than me and you.  They maybe homeless, or sick , or homeless and sick. Maybe they are unemployed, dying or maybe they have hit the unlucky powerball and have all that i just named but they still have something to be thankful for.  So no matter how big your problems are you still have something to be thankful about. Problems have a way of taking care of themselves if we take care of the little things like humanity and giving thanks. Most importantly checking in with God and listening for his direction and thanking him even through our struggles it's easy to thank someone when things are going well but can  you say thank you when things aren't so great?

Whew that was a lot of house  keeping. now on to this week's Gratitutde Tuesday Thank Yous.

The kids are back in school in most states. Can I get WHOO WHOO. I don't even have kids at home but my friends who do went through quite a but of adult beverages while their mini mes where home 24/7 lol.

Michigan's first football game of the year is August 31 at THE BIG HOUSE. GO Blue. Ok that's still 11 days out but yeah I'm thankful football season is close enough to count in days not months anymore.

I have the greatest brother ever. Ok stop yourselves. I know many of you will think that is a crazy thought. I know many of you think your brother is the best but he isn't. I didn't want to break it to you like that but well yeah. My brother is awesome and he's all mine don't have to share him with another sibling who may not be as great as us so Jamaal Wheaton is on my Thankful Tuesday List.   Jamaal I will delete you if you send anything resembling a teddy graham to me in any form including digital.

Thank you to the unknown lady who held the door for me the other day as I was juggling 4 bags and trying to keep them from falling and hold the door. That one is huge since 3 other people walked right on by without a second glance.

Your welcome to the lady who I held the elevator for a couple of weeks ago. I saw her walk in the building it was hot, it had been a long day for me. I just wanted to get upstairs and get in the shower. But instead of shutting the door and making it upstairs 5 seconds  earlier I held the elevator for her. She began to cry once she realized that I had done that. She had been through the  rinse cycle that day as well and she had all she could stand. Me holding the door made her smile.  She said it reminded her that God is always reminding us we are  in this together. At the time i was thinking lady please I held the door it was nice yaddda yadda yadda. I have had a terrible day I don't want to make small talk in the elevator with a stranger.  But that's just it we aren't strangers. We are in this world together. And saying thank you isn't small talk, it can change a person's whole mood and in some cases that one human kindness can change their life.

Today I'm going to smile at people just because they cross my paths and thank God they were there today. I'm sure a few skeptics like me will think it's strange but if enough of us do it, soon it won't feel so strange after all.  Don't forget to thank the people who are important to you who you thank anyway.  Sometimes we do take them for granted. But today thank the some of the people you absolutely despise. Why because they things they do to get on your last nerve are the things preparing you to rise like a Phoenix.  There are a lot of rappers in the study this morning working on new material because of one verse from a Kendrick Lamar song.  No I have no clue what the verse said ,Ok stop making that face at me. No I don't know who Lamar Kendrick is either.  I just saw the news blurb while flipping channels on TV. I keep telling you I'm a MOTOWN girl. The point is he said something in one verse that apparently was so relevant rappers who had't rapped since Kool Moe Dee are rapping again. Now if that doesn't deserve a thank you. I don't know what does. Someone you probably thought was nothing said something and now you working just to prove him wrong. He motivated you. If you happen to get a Grammy for it make sure you give him his props Grammy night. Like I said before, don't just thank the people you thank everyday. Thank those you ignore, despise and those who may be invisible to everybody else it will make a difference. You may never know how much, but it will make a difference. And at the end of the day isn't making a difference the reason we are all here?