My Mom Reigns Supreme

symbol-of-motherhood-mamaMaybe I'm being a little petty. I absolutely HATE when people who are not my mom try to be my mother. I don't care if you have lived over half a century. God blessed me with one of the best mother's to ever walk this Earth, I don't need a wanna be surrogate. This is a little judgmental, but for some reason women who have not raised their own kids want to raise me. Um,  I have been legally able to vote and drink for a couple of decades.  So honestly it really pisses me off when women, especially someone I don't know and don't want to know decide they want to step in and be my mother. I'm not saying that I can't still use the guidance that a mother can give you even at this advanced age. I do. T-mobile can verify I call my mother and text her daily. I call her so often I'm sure some days she wants to change her number just to get some peace. However she never says not today dear. She she listens and then gives me the best advice she can  Even though she may need a break from my insistent questions she knows I'll call the house so there is no escaping mommy. You are stuck with me. But what I don't need is someone else's mother trying to raise me when I'm already grown. Especially when this particular mom was busy doing everything but raising her kids when her kids needed a mom. Now you want to raise me. Trust me I'm alright. I know it takes a village but I left the village  along time ago. Breaking news I am GROWN!  I know I really sound irritated. Well today if my mother hadn't done such a good job raising me I would have cussed some well meaning wanna be mother out 8 times in less than an hour. YES I WAS COUNTING . She was not on my last nerve because she got on that yesterday. She was on thin ice. Every time she opened her mouth the ice cracked more. It is only fair to mention here that not only do I have the best mom ever, my grams, my Aunt Lois and my Aunt Vonda help mold me into the woman I am today. I wouldn't be 1/4th of the woman I am if they hadn't been there every step of the way  guiding me. So I really don't need any bandwagon riders coming in this late in the game taking credit for what they molded me to be. 1975_584415694257_6090_nIt is one thing if one of your friend's moms takes you in and treats you like their very own. I have to give a massive shout out to Sharene Headley-Johnson for this. She has always treated me like I was one of her very own and I love her dearly. I'd be remiss if I didn't say, it wasn't just Mama Sharene all her sisters loved me as if I was familyand they guided me just like my blood aunts.  I love you Aunt Ria, Aunt Nene, aunt Aisha, Aunt Pokie and Aunt Gina.  Some of the best advice I ever got next to my Grandma Dixson was from Grandma Alexander. Good, or bad, right or wrong the loved me and keep right on  stepping. And like I've mentioned once or twice before I'm no angel. I have tested the limits when it comes to love. But Sharene has never stopped loving me. Does she correct me when I get out of pocket like she does her own kids, or like my mom does? You better believe she it. Does that irritate me? HELL NO.  I would have never made it through college without her love, and support. I went to college in D.C. and my mom was a lot more than a metro bus ride away. I could always call my mom. But some days you just need that mamma look or a hug, and Sharene always had just what I needed when my mom couldn't get to me. But never in an intrusive I am taking your mother's place. I love you Sharene. I know it may seem like it's the same thing . But it's not when people are looking out for you because the =y care it's a whole lot different then people just being in your business because they need something to do or gossip about or are trying to fix the  wrongs they made with their own kids.

Now I have Mama Rho because I am still a little journey from home. But again she doesn't over step her boundaries. Sharene and Mama Rho have never felled to tell me exactly what my mom would. Sometimes it's annoying but I know they love me and wish the best for me.

I could go on talking about this all night but let me just sum it by saying.I  have the best mom ever. I love you mommy.  I have been blessed with two women who have taken me in and treated me as their own and have not overstepped the boundaries of that love. Mama Sharene, and Mama Rho I love  you. My issue is  juat met someone and have absolutely nothing invested in them. I don't even know if I like this person as a human and she is fussing  at me to eat my broccoli. Really lady. Go find your own kids and make sure they eat their broccoli. If you knew anything about me you'd know I don't need prompting to eat broccoli because I love fresh fruit and vegetables. I do understand older women trying to help the younger generation so they don't make the same the mistakes they made. The problem is when you tell me that my mother has the game all wrong and nothing she has ever done is right and she messed me all up , well I get a little funky.  Especially when the children you gave birth to aren't talking to you. My mother raised two outstanding kids if I must say so myself. She had a lot of help. My uncles and aunts and grandparents could have shut Dr. Spock down with one look, and wrote his book on  parenting.  So forgive me if I don't need or want a stranger who has known me less tan 2 months to come in and tell me all the things my mom did wrong and then tell me what I should do to be a success in life. Some people say it takes a village but you know what? My mom was a village and a half all on her on so I would appreciate it if you let her give the parenting advice for me and my brother. Clearly you don't have the mother 101 book.