The world is indeed diverse

Yet some couldn't conceive of anything worse.

Should we embrace our differences  or see them as a curse?

Should I befriend you because of your character and integrity?

Oh should I write you off because of history that’s petty?

Can I look beyond what I see before me?

Can I see your reality?

Are your wins because of the color of your skin?

Or is it something deeper within?

Are you better than me?

No we just see things differently

But that doesn't mean we must live apart

I have love for all humanity in my heart

You see a world where you’ve always been the first one

I live in a world where I want to be the best one

Bitterness, envy, and sometimes even jealousy

I wonder if it would be better to be you than it is to be me

Then I think stop being silly

Who would do what God has assigned to me

If I’m busy dodging my diversity

Wouldn’t it be a lovely place to be

If we could just celebrate and stop hating each other’s diversity