Organ Donation & Pay It Forward Friday

The greatest gift anyone can give is life. Organ donation,  participating in medical studies, donating to cancer research, and being tested to see if you can give someone the ultimate gift are selfless acts. The tests don't take much time and you could save a life. The calendar no longer rules my actions. If you all want to appease the commercial god and gooddess of Hall Mark go right ahead. If I feel like throwing you a birthday party in November and your birthday is in June just go with it. It is very unlikely that Jesus was born in December, but we went with that one. :-)  Yes that might mean I will have a Christmas tree up at Easter. Who cares if I'm living life?

At the beginning of the movie 7 lbs Will Smith dies in a car accident and gives the gift of life to 7 different people. He donated each organ. The organs weighed a total of 7 lbs but changed the lives of not only the people receiving the donation but everyone they touched. Of course this is a Pay it Forward blog.

I'm asking everyone to consider giving the gift of life by becoming an organ donor. You don't want it on your license, fine tell your family you want to be an organ donor and then write a living will. Donate blood once a month, or as often as you can. Start a family blood and stem cell bank. Stem cells and a blood marrow  donation saved Robin Roberts' life. Many blood banks will allow you to donate blood and stem cells specially earmarked for family members. There is a small charge.  However; when you are talking about the difference between someone you love living or dying how much is too much? I used to donate blood monthly ear marked especially for my brother. He never needed it. But if he had it could have been the difference between life and death. I love that guy and if he has to go vampire on me to keep him around so be it. Let's be clear I HATE needles. Okay I am terrified of needles. But I'd hate living in a world without my brother  a lot more because he needed blood I could give and didn't.

Getting tested is easier than you  think.  This may sound like a weird new holiday tradition but this year while you are carving up that Easter roast ask a brother, sister, aunt or cousin, uncle, or the new in-law  "hey what's your blood type? " Yeah I'm going to be that lady. Cataloging everyone's blood type cross referencing just in case. I hope it's a lot of work for nothing. I'm just going to be honest there are a lot of us. Nobody has time to call 150 people during a crisis  asking do you know anyone whose blood type is blah blah? Really ain't nobody got time for that.

Knowing ahead of time may save the life of someone YOU love. You might not have the luxury of time to go on a search and rescue mission.  Suppose a loved one is in an accident, they are  are bleeding out, they've stabilized but they need blood. There are 9 people in your family that can donate and save the loved one clinging to life. Unfortunately no one knows anyone's blood type. The doctors and nurses move as quickly as they can they find 7 of the 9 donors needed.  To bad, today isn't your lucky day because the other 2 pints needed to save a life  are 4 cousins back in line. If the family had known ahead of time who was compatible those 9 donors could have been at the front of the line and things would've ended better in that little drama.

You can't donate your soul. the body gets left behind in the end so think about. If you can't take it with you, and it's just going to decay anyway, why not let someone else LIVE. You won't need it on the other side.

I should also say organ donation doesn't have to be all Edgar Alllen Poeish. Donors don't always have to die. Plenty of people donate kidneys, livers, bone marrow, stem cells, cord blood, or their bodies and time for medical studies. All I am asking is think about it. There isn't a better gift you can give anyone than life, and if you can give the gift of life and keep on living too, how blessed is that?

Dream bigger, give bigger. Give the gift that matters, give a gift that lasts a lifetime. Give life.

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