License to Kill

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If Zimmerman and others like him were the learning permits to kill under the Stand Your Ground Laws across the country, then Micheal Dunn is the license to kill without  restrictions. Finding Micheal Dunn not guilty of murder  based on Florida's Stand Your Ground Law is not only ridiculous, it is an endorsement for cold blooded murder. We say we are a civilized country, but yet we authorize the murder of  Jordan Davis. Really, is that where we are in America in 2014? Apparently so.

NY Times Reporter   wrote, "In failing to convict Michael Dunn on the most significant charge — the premeditated murder of a teenager in a dispute over loud music — a jury on Saturday may have run headlong into the breadth and reach of Florida’s contentious self-defense law.  How does a juror know when using lethal force is justified, where nothing is straightforward, memories are hazy or contradictory and perception counts as much as fact? “This trial is indicative of how much of a problem Stand Your Ground laws really do create,” said Mary Anne Franks, an associate law professor at the University of Miami. “By the time you have an incident like this and ask a jury to look at the facts, it’s difficult to re-create the situation and determine the reasonableness of a defendant’s fear.”

It is inconceivable to me  that Dunn could be found guilty  on 3 counts of attempted murder but not guilty of murder when he in fact killed a young man. Regardless of how you personally feel about another person's choice of music it is not alright to take a gun out and shot a defenseless person.  Basically the jury decided he was guilty of trying to kill 3 young men but not guilty of killing the one he actually killed, OUTSTANDING. Thanks for clearing that up because I  just can't understand how Dunn walks up to a car, bangs on a window, starts an argument with 4 young men,  then starts shooting . Yet John Q Public is supposed to believe Dunn was in fear for his life. How does that work? There was no gun in the car, witnesses including Dunn's date say that Dunn immediately began complaining about the music and did not appear to be fearful. There were also other places Dunn could've parked his car if the music was bothering him. In reality what did Dunn have to be afraid of? Dunn was the aggressor in the situation.  Jordan Davis would still be alive today if Dunn had actually been afraid of something and not empowered by Florida's Stand Your Ground Law.

Holly Hughes on Florida's Stand Your ground Law

Unfortunately Micheal Dunn is not an isolated case and it's not just a racial issue. Curtis Reeves a retired police officer and Florida resident shot and killed Chad Oulson in a Florida movie theater because Mr. Oulson had the audacity to text someone about his young daughter. Yes, texting in a theater is annoying, but is a gunfire really necessary? Not to mention the movie nor the previews had even begun. Reeves ended the life of a father because Reeves did not think it was appropriate to text in the movie theater. Reeves was standing his ground too. I know technology can be scary but no one's smartphone is a threat to your life.

There is no need to even try to make logic out of another Florida case where Stand Your Ground Laws let another murderer off. Treyvon Martin is dead and George Zimmerman is walking around free still tormenting people with his guns. In Florida if you turn your back on someone and try to run and scream for help you are actually using reverse psychology, threatening their life and asking them to use deadly force.  How else do you make sense of the fact that a young man with a bottle of ice tea, a bag of skittles, and no weapon trying to get away from Zimmerman was actually a threat to Zimmerman's life? What was Martin going to do, send Zimmerman into a sugar coma by forcing him to eat his Skittles and drink his ice tea? No one who is craving an evening snack bad enough to walk to the store is going to force their treats on someone.  In Florida a hoodie, ice tea, Skittles, and a turned back is justifiable homicide.

Florida is the new O.K. Corral. You don't like it just shoot. Someone makes you mad become a Florida resident and you too can have a license to kill,  just remember after shooting you must say I was afraid for my life. You can murder someone in cold blood and be found not guilty. Is that not a great state or what?