Football rants antics and chants

The BCS bowls have been a heart busting roller coaster of emotion. UCF demolished and demoralized the Baylor Bears in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. The UCF Knight beat the Bears by 10 points despite being a 2touchdown underdog.

Duke left it all on the field and made a valiant effort to play spoiler in Johnny Football's last NCAA game as a Texas A&M Aggie.

Michigan State thwarted Stanford's attempt to win the 100th Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl affectionately referred to as THE GRANDADDY of all bowl games, is the longest running bowl game in colllege football.

Tonight Alabama looks to take out a little frustration on the Boomer Sooners of Oklahoma. Let's hope Savannah watched Baylor come Unglued last night and holds the Tide together.

Week 17 of the NFL season solidified what promises a topsy turvey gut wrenching playoff ride. The fun starts Saturday when Drew Brees and his Saints face   Nick Foles and the Eagles in Philadelphia. This is the first time in 39 years quarterbacks who graduated from the same highschool will meet in the playoffs.

Black Monday in the NFL saw 5 coaches join the ranks of the unemployed. Tampa Bay is already rumored to have filled their head coach position with Lovie Smith.


For reasons I can not phathom as a life long Bears' fan today the Chicago Bears gave our version of Tony Romo - Jay Cutler a 7 yr contract extension. Clearly the Bears are not watching and seeing the same mediocre  Jay Cutler I see on Sundays. Flashes of greatness followed by perlonged periods if interceptions, dropped passes and poor decisions under center should not be rewarded. Oh well it's only Friday and there are a lot of games left to play before the BCS championship Monday. I better stock up on antacids.

Peace, football, and style