10th favorite blog of 2013: Getting through Tuesday

2013 is quickly coming to an end, in fact there are excatly enough days left to do my top 10 favorite blogs from 2013. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. May 2014 be filled with more live, joy and happiness than 2013. Remember there is a lesson and blessing even in the strongest storm. GETTING THROUGH TUESDAY That title is kind of ominous right? Don't worry, it's okay it's not that bad come on in, take a break and reflect for a few minutes.  I have spent the last few months feeling like Alice in Wonderland. I keep wondering when am I going to get back on the right side of "the looking glass." This morning like magic i realized I AM on the right side of the looking glass. Isn't that how magic always works? I mean it is magic right. :-)

I really do think I fell through a cosmic warp and landed in a parallel universe. What I realized this morning is no I'm not on  the side I'm used to navigating, but  right here, right now today, this is MY UNIVERSE.  I am right where I'm supposed to be. I am doing and learning what I need to take the  next steps in this journey we call life.


I am going to try to stop saying why is this happening? All that does is distract me from the mission at hand. The mission is solving the equation so I can get back to the "right" side of the looking glass. Lately, I've been letting a lot of diversions distract me from my true purpose. You know what that means ladies and gents. I'm close to something big, possibly miraculous but definitely life altering. See that's how the Ying and Yang in the Universe works. The closer you get to the break through the crazier life gets.  Which makes absolutely no sense right? Wrong! It's the walking through fire that proves your metal and makes you worthy of the next challenge. Really at the end of it all that is was life is all about; how you weather the storms and survive the challenges.  If there weren't challenges we wouldn't need to be here. Life is our chance to get it right. Our chance to learn and grow for the ultimate victory we will enjoy once we transcend this plane.

I know some of you are wondering what does any of this have to do with Thankful Tuesdays. It is Tuesday so that's why you stopped by right?  Alright time to bring it home. This week be thankful for the good and bad. They will both come. It is human instinct to fight the bad or let it distract us.  Don't let the bad peeping around the corner divert your attention. The longer it does the longer it will take you to climb out of the rabbit hole. Remember every great event needs a diversion to become a reality. So smile in the face of the bad, make it a cup of tea, just don't let it change your focus or get the best of you. When the bad shows up bags packed ready to stay awhile just smile, say thank you for stopping by and then double down and get right back to business.  I know this sounds kind of like I have been drinking  spiked tea with the Madd Hatter. I haven't I just know the closer you get to the good, I mean the really great life changing awesome kind of good, the stronger the storm. So  if you're going through a rough patch take a deep breath. Thank the bad and the misery for stopping by and keep on keeping on because you are closer to the good than you think.

One last thing the greatness doesn't always show up looking like we thought it would. Sometimes it looks nothing like we humans planned. Go with it anyway, it will be better than what you ever imagined it  could be.

It's Tuesday so I'm thanking the good and bad and finally embracing and thanking this rabbit hole I fell into a few months ago. I know you thought you had me,  LOL you are quite a clever little rabbit hole. Unfortunately you forgot I'm made of stronger stuff than that. I keep a flashlight with me and now I see the dawn breaking at the end of the tunnel. I am  climbing out of the rabbit hole.  Watch out world, I'm coming back.  Peace, style and blessings from the rabbit hole I'll see you tomorrow.