My brother and I decided to invite the family to play a little innocent  fantasy football. We started a league and set up teams. Normally my family is a pretty tight bunch. We love hard, we play hard.  So this should be fun right? Wrong.  Well okay It's  fun we do a lot of trash talking and everyone lives on opposite ends of the globe so our phones are going crazy on Sunday with text messages every time one of our players scores against a family member.  Did i mention this is an ALL family league. I mean real family my mom, cousins, siblings, and our spouses. This ladies and gents is where it gets cutthroat. I needed a little space on my roster but i didn't have anyone I wanted to get rid of but I had a running back who was questionable. I put him on waivers thinking I'll be back to get you Monday night. 5 minutes later my mom has this crazy cat that ate  canary Norman Bates smile on her face. Which I ignored because it was kind of scary. Ten minutes later she starts asking my brother why would someone put such a good player out there and giggled gleefully. I said in my little kid voice maaaaa that is my player I want him back you can use him this weekend but I was going to back to get him Monday. Sproles is still on her team and every week she says I just can't believe you gave him up. Cut throat I'm telling you.

We thought a loving family like ours how could it go wrong? This will be a great way to have fun even though we are miles apart and enjoy football that we have been bonding over our entire lives. I bleed Chicago Bears on Sundays and Maize and Blue on Saturdays. In college I spent Sundays watching the Washington Redskins with My Uncle Charles. Usually I spent my Sundays laughing because the Redskins were losing and Mr. cool would act like it was all in the plan. He did a Jerry Jones and took faith in moral victories with his Redskins 2 decades ago.  Having family in Oklahoma and family in D.C. made me despise everything related to the Dallas Cowgirls. Unfortunately, I have a knack for attracting Cowgirl nation to me. Yeah I married one and I am definitely going to hear about talking about his beloved Cowgirls I mean Cowboy later,  Other than him being a Dallas Cowboy fan he's a great husband.

I digress. I Started getting those warm and fuzzy feelings fall and football bring out in me and I'm supposed to be telling you about my cutthroat family who was completely supportive and loving until our fantasy football league started. My brother Mr. graham Crackers and juice is in first place. I know you can't really cheat in fantasy football but he is our league commissioner and he is beating my cousin by 103 pts and Monday Night Football still hasn't kicked off yet. I am not saying the commish is cheating but a 100 + beat down in fantasy football. hmmm I felt so bad for my cousin I ALMOST asked the league if we could donate points to my cousin then I remembered I was playing my Nick this week and every point counts and he can't win.  It's cutthroat and it's serious in here. I was projected to beat Nick by 40 points. RGIII his regular QB had a bye week and I have Drew Brees he replaced RGIII with Tony Romo absolutely no need to worry, RIGHT! Wrong Tony Romo goes out and scores 40 freaking point and acts like he's Peyton Manning are you kidding me? Before Dallas kicked off I was beating my beloved by 52 points and i had Demarius Thomas of the Broncos why worry. Oh i was gloating and talking big smack.  Then Tony Romo does what he's famous for breaks hearts. First he broke mine by scoring 40 points and getting Nick close enough to take the lead in the late game, then he broke Nick's heart by throwing one of his famous interceptions. If my running back can't pull out 12 pts tonight I can live with my first loss only because those Cowboys loss yesterday. Yippee oh sorry that was supposed to be my inside typing voice.

My mother who is usually a calm reserved lady is waiting for them to invent snatch TV so she can snatch one of her players ala  Woody Hayes right through the TV screen and get him some get right when they are not performing to their ability.

All is fair in love and war and family fantasy football leagues.

I can't wait to play my mom and my brother. When the league started we told everyone they were all fighting for fourth place behind us. Needless to say we were right only one of my cousins so far has dared to challenge us. She's tied for 1st place with my brother. I'm not sure how because she has Tom Brady sitting on he bench. Okay Tom hasn't been his regular supreme self this season but who benches Tom Brady. Cousins trying to start anarchy and refusing to be in 4th place.  The Gold , Silver and Bronze were supposed to go to me my mom and and my brother. I think I may have to take Philly 32 down when i get the chance.

i have a little plotting to do and a lot of coaching to do so my running back can score enough points for me to beat my better half this week.  Until next time huddle up,peace, love, and styles.