Every where you look people are making a statement with their accessories. Statement necklaces like those worn on  SCANDAL, REVENGE,  HOLLYWOOD EXES, LOVE AND HIP ATLANTA, BASKETBALL WIVES are going to speak as clearly this fall as they did this spring and summer.

lionhead chain necklace

It takes more than fashion sense to pull an outfit together. There is a huge difference between fashion sense and style. STYLISH  women don't have to spend money completely re-hauling their wardrobe every season. The stylish women revamps her accessories.

Sharene Brash owner of TRUNKSHOW BOUTUQUE  has made the stylish accessories of the stars available at an affordable price for every woman's budget, The styles carried by her online boutique are reasonable and pull all your outfits together. Trunkshowboutique's website can be found at you can also contact the owner directly at oftentimes customers look for months for just the right piece and just can't seem to find it. One email and you may find your search for the perfect  piece to finish off that look is just a couple of computer clicks away.


In the past week I have seen accessories similar to those worn by stars on Hollywood Exes,  Kerry Washington  and Millie The First Lady of the United States  on Scandal, and Revenge on the  website.  Fashion forward owner Sharene Brash has a knack for finding just the right pieces before everyone else does.

Mrs. Brash was awarded the PAY IT FORWARD AWARD recently  for her commitment  to community service and her dedication to cancer research. A Stroke of Life awards 3 deserving people the award every week. The purpose is to inspire all of us to live a better life and to spread kindness. Knowing so many people are making a difference seems to have a domino effect.

Trunkshow Boutique recently co-sponsored an event with EDUCATED TEES to help bring awareness to another charity close to her heart.  The company Educated Tees helps shed light on disabled children and educate people on their various illnesses.

A Stroke of Life will feature Trunk Show Boutique once a month. We will make sure to keep you up on all  the latest fashion trends.  Trunkshow Boutique is going to elevate all of us to chic, fashionable, stylish divas.  I can't wait to see what Mrs. Brash has up her stylish sleeve next. I know it will be something as fabulous as this crystal studded bracelet.  Emily Thorn of ABC's Revenge would be proud to walk in a million dollar fundraiser sporting this beautiful arm candy. studded bracelet