Work it out Wedesday

Congratulations to Ebony Stephenson. She was just awarded the 30 under 30 award. This award goes to the the best architects in the country under the age of 30. So very proud of her and her success. Ebony is living the life she wants to live and doing it on her terms. We can't control many things in our life but we can control whether or not we are LIVING the life we want to live.  I'm more proud of Ebony for never letting negative people who told her she couldn't make her believe she can't. Let your haters be your motivators and let watch your dreams come true.  I also want to mention the visionaries at CRINER REMODELIING for seeing the talent in such a bright young woman.  Please check their web site out if  you are looking to remodel at  Clearly they do excellent work since they have the best working for them. Ebony said she was called a nerd in school. Don't worry about a thing Ebony once you get out of high-school we realize it's the nerds like  Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and one day Ebony Stephenson running the world. People don't be afraid to live  YOUR dream just because someone else doesn't think it's the dream you should be living.