NFL shockers

So far this season the teams you can always count on to lose or win have gotten their signals crossed. We might have crossed into the Twilight zone. Pittsburgh is 0-2. The Patriots are winning by sheer luck. The Giants and the Redskins are both 0-2. There are 16 teams who have yet to win a game. Are you kidding me? Has this happened in recent history? Thank goodness my Chicago Bears are still undefeated by only by the skin of their teeth.  Let's check out my picks for the first 2 weeks. I know its ugly. Almost scared to look, but here goes. Week 1 predictions 9 -15

Week 2 predictions 11- 15


Winning percentage so far this season 20 out 30. So far I have an 80% win loss record much better thani thought. haven't picked any of the Thursday games.