I write my last blog a week ago so it's catch up time. So I better get cracking. Needless to say this week's picks are going to be very short. This week I'm just picking he games straight up. I haven't had time to research and do the spreads. Enjoy week 2. Least I forget here's your must needed disclaimer,  These picks are just for fun. Do not use your rent money or children's college fund and then think you can sue. I am a starving artist you won't get anything. Lol remember I did not account for the spread as I usually.  

Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore Ravens

Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears

Green Bay Packers

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Dallas Cowboys

San Diego Chargers

Detriot Lions

New Orleans Saints

Denver Broncos

Oakland Raiders

Seattle Seahawks

Cincinnati Bengals