Getting Mine

haters Haters need a life

Maybe you need a husband or a wife

But ya'll need to get a life

Always stirring my Kool-Aide

It's your life you need to upgrade

Instead you always ready to give in and quit

Always talking  that bullshit

Always talking about me and I'm 100% legit

Why don't you grow up?

Try being a real woman or man and show up

No you'd rather be a life sized Hoover sucking up

Blaming everyone else when you muck up

Your luck is bad

I know it makes you mad

Knowing my perseverance is not a passing fad

Can't get a moments peace

This nonsense just won't cease

Trying not to unload, trying not to release

Nothing to talk about but poor little me

Damn gee

You still on that? That's yesterday's history.

You need some business, maybe a 401 K plan

Then you can tend to yourself and be your own woman or man

Well I have things to do

Unlike you

I have business to attend to.