I’m Karintha Styles,  the reigning empress of shenanigans, tomfoolery, and joy but that’s a mouthful so just call me Reign. I'm a Motown girl, I was born in Detroit but I grew up at Howard University. 

I get paid to watch sports and engage in debates about sports. I know, it isn’t fair, but hey that’s life. Normal jobs have rules, and I just can’t abide by such nonsense and pettiness.

If you're on Jeopardy and Alex asks: Who was the first female sports editor in Howard University history? Pick me, because it's true, but you might want to use my maiden name Karintha Wheaton. 

Reign of Styles is where I kick back and talk about everything that pops into my shenanigan filled brain from music, to TV, to social media, to politics and everything else in between.

I am obnoxiously passionate about sports, Da Bears, and the Michigan Wolverines are my favorite teams. Yes, I know they're losing no I don't care. There’s a nasty rumor going around that I have ended relationships because of my allegiance to Michigan. The rumor might be true, but let me explain, the break-up was absolutely justifiable. My ex-boyfriend unplugged the TV so we could talk during the final seconds of that dreaded Michigan game. You know the CHAMPIONSHIP game where Chris Webber called a timeout we didn’t have. Nevermind, I don't even want to think about it, but you see why he had to go, right?

I’m addicted to shoes, sarcasm, and candy – preferably hard candy but any will do in a pinch. Truthfully, I might need shoe rehab but let’s keep that between us. I'm probably on PETA's watch list. I'm from Detroit, I don't wear vegan shoes, or faux fur, sorry PETA.  I love baby laughter, and words. My opinions and thoughts are not that deep, but the site is paid for so I share the foolishness inside my head. I’m giving like that.

I’m passionate about education, and helping our kids become the best citizens they can be in the futrue. You should help too, because let’s face it these little crumb snatchers are going to be the ones taking care of us in our old age. They need to be better than us, ‘cuz you know the last thing I want is someone like me taking care of me when I get old.

If you made it this far, you must think I’m cool, and I think you’re awesome as well, so follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also listen to the latest Week N Sports. We can be virtual friends. We’ll discuss all our hijinks and shenanigans, ok fine we'll discuss my shenanigans while you shake your head. I’ll probably like some of your posts, it’ll be great fun, so follow me.